We like to keep things simple, precise and vibrant at the same time. So we have gone to the extent to define a 5 point agenda on why someone should work with us. So if you fit the 5 pointers, write to us immediately.


We, at FuturEd believe that we need to do something for the Education sector in India and want to make a difference through this venture. We are passionate about activating the powerful network of alumni in institutions of higher education. So if you are passionate about something, we would be more than glad for you to join us.

It's not about the 'I' but the 'We'

We respect everyone's individuality but would love to see that coming together in a team. You will get ample space to innovate and work on your own but at the end of the day, we work as a team!

Young and vibrant people

We are young people who get together to do crazy things everyday. Being positive adds to the amazing work environment so if you think that it might be a 'run of the mill 9 to 5 job', think again!

Having Fun

We take fun quite seriously! This includes having Friday Happy Hours (compulsory) or taking a break from the office routine to enjoy - the hills are just a short drive away on weekends!

The Basics

We understand that you need your daily dose of caffeine for which there is a state of the art coffee machine along with arrangements for chai-lovers. Apart from that, we have books to go through whenever you want - ranging from entrepreneurship to management to those 'IIM inspired' writers. Did we also mention that we have a huge whiteboard for you to go crazy with your idea?