In 2012 we created FuturEd as a result of an aspiration to create long-term value in the Education Sector

We believe that Education is no longer a single dimension in a young person's life, it is meant to be an experience which shapes up the future of the world by creating change agents. Our vision 'Empowering the Education Ecosystem' defines our ethos and our approach. Our services enable institutions to harness the potential of powerful platforms and networks in the education ecosystem.

Why we do what we do?

We are busy finding solutions to the core problems that education institutions face today, some of these problems only get magnified every single day.

The most powerful, yet underestimated word - 'Alumni'

After a lot of curiosity followed by thorough research across top colleges and higher education institutions of the world, we understood how and why we perceive some of the top institutions of the world. The most simple and striking observation was that an institute was what its alumni were, its name, success and impact was represented well by its singular living product, its 'Alumni'. And why would someone join a particular educational institution? So that one day he/she would be a proud alumni, amongst other powerful change agents, all bringing invaluable pride to the institution they represent.

The need of our students - 'Professional Development'

We see the dominance of young population in the world, majority of the population is between the 18-25 years age group. There is a strong need to capitalise the potential of a young, smart and savvy workforce which will enable the progress of the world. We see the need to bridge a sizeable gap in this particular demography. Is our young population complementing the Academic knowledge with the right kind of skills which are needed now? Do they have a platform, which empowers them to develop professional skills and awareness? There is an urgent need to supplement their day-to-day life with a platform, which exposes them to the professional world, making them savvy and smart at a much earlier stage.