How Can Alumni Help Current Students for the Job Interviews?

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After graduation all the graduates envision landing their dream jobs and becoming respectable employees. Before passing that phase of their life, there is a huge step ahead of them, job interviews. Interviews are becoming a very stressful and nerve-wrecking experience, a nightmare for graduates. A huge portion of them haven’t experienced any job interviews before. Thus, they don’t have any knowledge of the questions they might be facing and how to behave in the interview. Unfortunately, even though they are smart, skilled enough and have had good grades in their college life, A lot of them are failing in the job interviews because of extemporaneousness.


Imagine students who have experience, having practiced and gained knowledge about job interviews before they graduate. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have information and confidence for the interviews so they won’t go wrong? If you are wondering who the right people are that have knowledge and experience and can help students, the answer isn’t be hard to find, ALUMNI.


Alumni are the most valuable source for students to know and learn about how to prepare themselves for their dream job’s interview. They are the ones who have had this experience before and have know-how of the procedure. They can share the work culture and their interview experiences and help students with mock group discussions and personal interviews. Mock interviews allow students and alumni to experience interviews without stress that often accompanies a real one. Students and alumni can get feedback on ways to improve eye contact, body language and other presentation skills. And also using alumni’s huge network to know about the interview processes of companies is another blessing for current students. Barea College in US is a good example. Its alumni from different backgrounds and experience share their time and show commitment for their Alma mater every year for students’ future interviews.

“It’s important for the students to be prepared for the next phase in life after college. I’m interested in transitions that students need to make in order to succeed”

– Wallace Campbell (Barea College Alumnus)

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What if alumni have a good connection with current students and share their knowledge to help them for the interviews and land their dream job? What if a student has an alumnus who is responsible for their personal development? Institutes need to know the power of their alumni to have a better quality of education and to be in touch with them to ask for their time for students. We at FuturEd are here to help you to create a good connection with your alumni. Click here to know how our services can help you achieve this relationship with alumni.

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