Case Study: Launch of The Doon School App

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History has been witness to paradigm shifts every few years or so. The advent of the wheel made it possible for us to commute and relocate. With cell-phones and emails, we said goodbye to telegrams and snail-mail. Over the last few years, we have seen a change in peoples’ preferred modes of communication.
Especially when it came to interacting with old friends and their alma-mater, alumni were reluctant to use conventional methods.

We, at FuturEd have found a solution. What if, instead of using a third-party application like Facebook or LinkedIn, we gave them their own platform to engage with their school and fellow school-mates? And thus we saw the inception of The Alumni App, an exclusive platform for every institute to connect, collaborate and engage with its alumni.

FuturEd took this ambitious step into the app market for educational institutes. Our first client for The Alumni App was The Doon School, Dehradun. With just under a month of its launch, The Doon School App saw overwhelming success and positive reviews from its users.




Through the app’s features, alumni and institute both can post news and achievements. We saw more than 30 such posts coming from both parties and an engagement of more than 750 on said posts through likes and comments.

What we provide through the whole app experience is a unique way to get alumni to read news and updates as and when they need to. The best way to do so was to add the feature of customized push notifications so that users can be notified as per their preferences. All these features combined with LinkedIn integration for real-time data, we just handed The Doon School one of the best ways to connect with and maintain records of its alumni.

We noticed with our debut in the app market that alumni are more comfortable with an exclusive network for interacting with fellow alumni and viewing news, achievements and events (created both by alumni and the institute).

The bond that alumni share with their school (or college) cannot be recreated by a Facebook page or a web forum. But The Alumni App comes close to giving them a closed boundary to explore the true potential of the alumni network. It also comes with an option to post jobs/internships within the domain of the network, eliminating the fuss of switching portals to view these opportunities.

The Doon School is one of the leading educational institutes of India and a well managed alumni network would help them rise even further. Well engaged and motivated alumni act as brand ambassadors for the institute and The Doon School has taken the first step by pioneering the launch of their customized version of The Alumni App.

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