After Watching This Video, The First Thing I Did Was Call Up My School Friends

Posted on Saturday, July 26th, 2014 by Sahil Dewan Tags: , ,

That saying ‘School times are the best times’ can’t be more true. As we grow, life’s miseries grow on us and we keep on adding the load, which never existed while we were in our classrooms.

Today, so many of us,if not all, would trade that time spent in school or college to come back and make us relive those friendships, those nuances and the moments which made us learn what life is all about.

Today, we invite you to take a moment and feel proud of being an alumnus of your school and college, for it got you where you are today.

Share the video with your fellow Alumni and relive the old times. If you would like to do more about it, read up about how we can help activate the bond between your school and its Alumni!

And now its time for you to pick up your phone and make that call 😉


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